Chemical elements
    Chemical properties
      Lanthanum chloride
      Lanthanum iodide
      Lanthanum perchlorate
      Lanthanum bromate
      Lanthanum iodate
      Lanthanum periodate
      Lanthanum sesquioxide
      Lanthanum hydroxide
      Lanthanum peroxide
      Lanthanum persulphide
      Lanthanum sulphate
      Lanthanum dithionate
      Lanthanum selenite
      Lanthanum selenate
      Lanthanum chromate
      Lanthanum azide
      Lanthanum hydrazoate
      Lanthanum trinitride
      Lanthanum nitrate
      Lanthanum phosphite
      Lanthanum orthophosphate
      Lanthanum hydrogen pyrophosphate
      Lanthanum metaphosphate
      Lanthanum arsenates
      Lanthanum carbonate
      Lanthanum thiocyanate
      Lanthanum platinocyanide
      Lanthanum acetate
      Lanthanum oxalate
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Lanthanum peroxide

An oxide of lanthanum higher than La2O3 cannot be prepared in the dry way, but indications of the existence of such an oxide have been obtained.

When a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide is added to a solution of a lanthanum salt, a gelatinous, hydrated peroxide, La9O5.xH2O, is obtained, to which the constitution (OH)2La(O.OH) has been ascribed. Dilute sulphuric acid and carbonic acid set free hydrogen peroxide from the precipitate, and concentrated sulphuric acid decomposes it with the liberation of ozonised oxygen.

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