Chemical elements
    Chemical properties
      Lanthanum chloride
      Lanthanum iodide
      Lanthanum perchlorate
      Lanthanum bromate
      Lanthanum iodate
      Lanthanum periodate
      Lanthanum sesquioxide
      Lanthanum hydroxide
      Lanthanum peroxide
      Lanthanum persulphide
      Lanthanum sulphate
      Lanthanum dithionate
      Lanthanum selenite
      Lanthanum selenate
      Lanthanum chromate
      Lanthanum azide
      Lanthanum hydrazoate
      Lanthanum trinitride
      Lanthanum nitrate
      Lanthanum phosphite
      Lanthanum orthophosphate
      Lanthanum hydrogen pyrophosphate
      Lanthanum metaphosphate
      Lanthanum arsenates
      Lanthanum carbonate
      Lanthanum thiocyanate
      Lanthanum platinocyanide
      Lanthanum acetate
      Lanthanum oxalate
    PDB 1djg-2rpv

Lanthanum nitrate, La(NO3)3

Lanthanum nitrate, La(NO3)3.6H2O, forms deliquescent, triclinic crystals which lose 5H2O over sulphuric acid. At 25° a saturated aqueous solution of the hexahydrate contains 151.1 parts of anhydrous salt per 100 of water. Lanthanum nitrate is isodimorphous with bismuth nitrate.

Lanthanum caesium nitrate, La(NO3)3.2CsNO3.2H2O, forms monoclinic crystals (a:b:c = 1.3052:1:0.9663; β = 103°26').

Lanthanum rubidium nitrate, La(NO3)3.2RbNO3.4H2O, has been described.

Lanthanum potassium nitrate, La(NO3)3.2KNO3.2H2O, forms orthorhombic crystals (hemimorphic; a:b:c = 0.5306:1:0.5696) of density 2 54 at 0° C.

Lanthanum sodium nitrate, La(NO3)3.2NaNO3.H2O, forms monoclinic crystals (a:b:c = 1.9970:1:0.7678; β = 90°32') of density 2.63 at 0° C.

Lanthanum thallium nitrate, La(NO3)3.2TlNO3.4H2O, has been prepared.

Acid lanthanum rubidium nitrate, La(NO3)3.RbNO3.HNO3.6H2O, has been prepared by Jantsch and Wigdorow. When heated to 120° it loses nitric acid and water, leaving the salt La(NO3)3.RbNO3.H2O.

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