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Lanthanum chloride, LaCl3

Lanthanum chloride, LaCl3, is a white, crystalline, hygroscopic solid, readily soluble in water.

From an aqueous solution of the chloride, large triclinic crystals (a:b:c = 1.1593:1:0.8659; α = 91°3', β = 114°28', γ = 88°12') of the heptahydrate, LaCl3.7H2O, may be obtained. The double salts listed below have been prepared, in addition to those containing metals of Groups IV. and V.: -

LaCl8.3CsCl.4H2O(? 5H2O); LaCl3.AuCl3.10H2O; 2LaCl3.9HgCl2.24H2O; 2LaCl3.3AuCl3.21H2O(?); LaCl3.3H2(CN)2.8H2O; 2LaCl3.3PtCl2.18H2O; LaCl3.PtCl4.13H2O; 2LaCl3.3PtCl4.24H2O

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