Chemical elements
    Chemical properties
      Lanthanum chloride
      Lanthanum iodide
      Lanthanum perchlorate
      Lanthanum bromate
      Lanthanum iodate
      Lanthanum periodate
      Lanthanum sesquioxide
      Lanthanum hydroxide
      Lanthanum peroxide
      Lanthanum persulphide
      Lanthanum sulphate
      Lanthanum dithionate
      Lanthanum selenite
      Lanthanum selenate
      Lanthanum chromate
      Lanthanum azide
      Lanthanum hydrazoate
      Lanthanum trinitride
      Lanthanum nitrate
      Lanthanum phosphite
      Lanthanum orthophosphate
      Lanthanum hydrogen pyrophosphate
      Lanthanum metaphosphate
      Lanthanum arsenates
      Lanthanum carbonate
      Lanthanum thiocyanate
      Lanthanum platinocyanide
      Lanthanum acetate
      Lanthanum oxalate
    PDB 1djg-2rpv

Lanthanum acetate, 2La(C2H3O2)3

Lanthanum acetate, 2La(C2H3O2)3.3H2O, crystallises from its aqueous solution in thin prisms.

When a cold aqueous solution of lanthanum acetate is made ammoniacal, a colloidal basic acetate is precipitated; if a little solid iodine be added to the precipitate a blue adsorption compound is produced, similar in appearance to the familiar "starch-iodide" precipitate. The blue substance may conveniently be prepared by adding a solution of iodine in potassium iodide to a cold solution of lanthanum acetate (or nitrate acidified with acetic acid), adding ammonia cautiously until very little iodine is left unchanged, and then warming the mixture very gently.

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